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River City Sessions 6 Dec 2019

Dec 012019

UTC and the RCS performing family; Doc and Cordell, Arial Omarzu, Stellars Jay, Sherri Cothran, Sarah Jay, Kemmer Anderson, and Michael Gray hope you will join us for an evening of holiday themed music, poetry and story telling.

River City Sessions' 7th Annual Holiday Show

Friday December 6th

at the Cadek Performance Hall 725 Oak Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37403

doors at 7:00 show at 7:30 

admission 10.00.
As we enter the new year the performing family reflects on the past year:

Stellars Jay - After 12 years of nomadically moving across the US I'm finding myself in a very unexpected city with a lot of great opportunities. Working as radio network engineer for the city, possibly buying a house and making a lot of great friends I didn't expected to find in one of the smaller towns I've lived in a while. Plus the music opportunities are some of the best I've had. I'm expecting a good 2020 all around.
Sarah Jay – a local business owner (Moxy Salon) after a ten year hiatus, is finishing up a second book to be released in 2020.
Sherry Cothran - The past year has seen the publishing of a new book, a restart on the music performance front and doors opening for my ministry.
Doc and Cordell: Michael Gray – Looking forward to performing without that awkward ankle bracelet. Robert Cyphers – Two years ago I agreed to be Santa Claus at the Children’s Hospital dinner with kids and I had my street clothes on with a Santa Claus suit over it. While walking from table to table visiting with kids my Santa Claus trousers fell off. Needless to say I have not received a call to come back since.
Robert Boyer - I thought this was a trout fishing club and by the time I found out it wasn't I had somehow been assigned the responsibilities of sound engineer, stage manager, and poster putter upper.
Kemmer Anderson - Still basking in the glory.


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